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Post  [GM]TheknightSoul Wed May 04, 2011 10:47 am

Name: Jack
Age: 18
Birth: 13/03/1993
Which language you speak: I speak Inglish and a little bit Polish
Where you live: U.S.A.
How much are you active: Mo - Fr = 5-8 hours
What you want to be: I want to be a [GM]
What's your Experience: I was GM on IPU Dekaron / I was GM on my own server
Why you want to be part of the Staff member: I want to be part of the Staff member becasue I want make this server cool with much ideas, i will immediatly jail Hackers cause i dont like it
Why should we choose you: Because I have much Exparience as GM and im ready to be part of this great server and of your Staff member

These are false info! Just a preview to how to make an application


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