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KidInk Application Empty KidInk Application

Post  kelv1780 Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:09 am

Name: Kelvin
Age: 15
Birth: 02/01/1996 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Which language you speak: English and Spanish
Where do you live? U.S.A
How much are you active: From 5-8 hours
What you want to be: [GM]
What's your Experience: I have a ton of experiences from forums to the actually game. I've actually been playing since the 2moons closed beta! I have also played many different private servers like Elite Dekaron, Zan Dekaron, Abnormal-Dekaron, and AG-Dekaron and many more. I am very familiar with this game and I can help out as much as I can. I have never been a [GM] in any game but I guess you have to start somewhere right? So that's all my experiences.
Why you want to be part of the Staff member: I want to be a Staff member because I can help in a very big way. Like helping newcomers what's new or answer their questions. I will also report/ban hackers that try to ruin this game for everybody because this is such an awesome server and does not need to be hacked.
Why should we choose you: You should choose me because I want to help everybody here and expand this server so many people can enjoy the experience that I have on this server and other people that does too. I also hate hackers and I hope they never try to hack this server because this server is way too good.



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