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[GM]/{MOD}/[SA] Application

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[GM]/{MOD}/[SA] Application Empty [GM]/{MOD}/[SA] Application

Post  Coco Sat May 07, 2011 3:14 pm

Name: Juan
Age: 24
Birth: 03/01/1986
Which language you speak: I speak english,spanish i can understand a bit of Italian
Where you live: U.S.A.
How much are you active: Mo - Fr = 5-8 hours
What you want to be: I want to be a [GM]/{MOD}/[SA]
What's your Exparience:First of all like the other applicant said is because i want to help this server grow and make more ppl interested in joining. I Created my own server aswell lnog time ago, and i was MOD on dekaron ultra and GM on fusion but that's old time, i
Why should we choose you: I think i'm very accurate and responsible when i do a job that is given to me, and also because i like helping ppl, making events for others to have fun, to have agood time in server, that's what everyone wants. And i think i can do those stuff really good.

PS : I can't see what im typing, if i make some errors Sorry about that, is just that i only see a white background and nothing more.

Ty for taking time and reading it.

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[GM]/{MOD}/[SA] Application Empty Re: [GM]/{MOD}/[SA] Application

Post  [GM]TheknightSoul Sun May 08, 2011 12:12 am

Dont worry if u make some errors^^
You need to wait the answer from admin too.

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[GM]/{MOD}/[SA] Application Empty Re: [GM]/{MOD}/[SA] Application

Post  Grimmjow Mon May 09, 2011 9:59 pm

i was [GM]CyberTrainer ( long time ago , almost on start ) what was your gm name ??


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[GM]/{MOD}/[SA] Application Empty Re: [GM]/{MOD}/[SA] Application

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